Is This Nerdom's [email protected] Killer?

timeleapimage.jpg Pure nerd heroin. Don't think of PC game TimeLeap as a rip-off of Namco's pop idol sim THE [email protected]. No, think of the erotic PC game as an expansion. For those who missed it, Namco's THE [email protected] was by no means an erotic game (though, it did have some saucy dialogue and spicy costumes). A Japanese cult hit of sorts, the game did a decent showing on the Xbox 360 in Japan. TimeLeap hopes to capitalise on that. Besides the standard adult scenes of you-know-what, TimeLeap also features characters rendered in 3D much like THE [email protected]. The pop music is pure saccharine, too. Hit the jump for look at TimeLeap.

She kicks you IN THE FACE.

Not just maids, but dancing and singing maids.

In case you don't have this [email protected] song burned into your brain. Yes, you're welcome. :)

TimeLeap [Danny Choo]


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