Itagaki Shows Vaguely Human Display of Emotion

wcg02.jpg With the sunglasses and leather jacket, you could get the idea that DoA and Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki comes across as cold and distant. Like he's just sneering at us, releasing bastard hard games and waiting for his next whiskey straight. But wait! Here he is. And he's actually touching another human in a friendly way. It's like the game creator is human. Or something. There's good reason why he's so pleased! That dude Itagaki has his arm around is a regular Dead or Alive finalist in the WorldCyberGames. The WCG 2007 finals aren't until October, but prelims were held in Tokyo with Dead or Alive 4. Is that curled lip a slight smile on Itagaki's face? Impossible! WCG Prelims [Game Watch Impress]


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