Sideshow's World Of Warcraft Diorama

wowdiorama.jpgYou kids keep playing WoW, and keep showing your credit limit is good, companies like Sideshow will keep throwing the high-priced merch your way. Pictured is Sideshow's Blood Elf Rogue VS Draenei Paladin Diorama. Which I'd presume says it all, though I've never played WoW so it all might be some kind of witty in-joke. I don't know. It's made out of polystone, is 1:9 scale (for handy comparisons with real Draenei Paladins) and will set you back $US300.
Blood Elf Rogue VS Draenei Paladin Diorama - Sideshow Exclusive [Sideshow]


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