Success Is Not Success

jackass_lsuccess.jpg Jackass: The Game for the PS2 and PSP has been in development for a while! No wonder, how do you make a game based on stunts that can still be funny if they fail? Tricky! Game producer Aaron Rigby explains:

That was a real pain. In most games success is success, you either accomplished your goals or you didn't. Jackass doesn't work like that. The stunts in the show were just as good whether they accomplished what they set out to do or failed completely. That means that our goals in a stunt had to make sure that an entertaining failure worked just as well as a resounding success.

What's more, the game even has a story, which the Jackass cast helped think up. A simple story and goals like rolling downhill in a trash can or running around in your underwear? This game has it all! Jackass Game Producer [ComputerAndVideoGames]


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