Jaffe And Sony: BFF

cliffyb_jaffe.jpg Lippy game creator David Jaffe (above with CliffyB's old hairdo) may now be independent with his own studio and not work for Sony anymore, but that doesn't mean he doesn't like Sony anymore. No, he loves Sony. In an interview with game site GamePro, Jaffe tells folks not to worry — he's not jumping the Sony ship to go make exclusives for Nintendo or Microsoft. Cut Jaffe, and he bleeds Sony! He says:

Right now all of our energy is going towards these first couple of games with Sony, and I would be really surprised if you saw us leaving the Sony family when it comes to consoles... People are like, "Jaffe, don't go work with Microsoft. Don't go work with Nintendo. We need you!" It is like getting traded from a sports team [laughs] . To those concerned fans, we plan on playing on the Sony team for a long time to come...We have been Sony employees for 13 years. We know what their intent is, we know what is going on behind the scenes, and we are really here to stay with Sony...we are hoping that the games that we start to show from this company are going to make people say, "Hey, I want to play my PS3 more, and I want to buy a PS3 along with other consoles." We want to work with Sony on PS3, PS4 and PS5.

When everything is going multi-plat, it's kinda refreshing to hear this kind of brand loyalty. But man, I really hope Sony doesn't call their next console the PLAYSTATION 4. This number game ain't doing it for me. Jaffe Still in Love with Sony [GamePro]


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