Jaffe Shot His Sony Load With God of War

Jaffe Shot His Sony Load With God of War

jaffenintendostrap.jpgWith God of War, David Jaffe created a big time franchise for Sony. And he knows it. Where do you go from there?

For me, once God of War finished, I felt I had sort of done all I could do as a Sony employee. I felt like there was nowhere else really for me to go in terms of advancement — not just career advancement — but sort of personal, spiritual, soulful advancement.

Makes sense. Instead of continuing at Sony Computer Entertainment, Jaffe co-founded a studio in Utah. Utah? That’s doesn’t make so much sense! Jaffe hates Utah, continuing to reside in San Diego and iChat with his colleagues in Salt Lake City. “I don’t want to live in Utah,” Jaffe said. “I grew up in Birmingham, Ala. Utah very much reminds me of Birmingham, Ala… I’m a very liberal person. I would have a real hard time raising my kids in an environment that is as conservative as Birmingham or Utah.”

So! Not only does he dislike Utah, he also isn’t so fond of Birmingham. He also maxed out as a Sony employee with GoW. Got that?

He’s a liberal dude [Salt Lake Tribune]

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