Japan, What Are The Biggest News Stories?

pmoorejap.jpgLet it never be said Famitsu are not in touch with the people of Japan. With the word on the street. They canvassed gamers a little while back and asked them what they thought were the 10 biggest news stories of the past few months. The answers? An enjoyable blend of spices, the expected (Wii things), unexpected (Peter Moore, big in Japan?) and a rich, creamy aroma:

1. Wii Fit 2. New PSP model 3. Gameplay demo of Metal Gear Solid 44. Upcoming software for the PlayStation 3 5. Upcoming software for the Xbox 360 6. Announcement of the Zapper for the Wii 7. Little Big Planet 8. Super Smash Bros. Brawl 9. Peter Moore leaving Microsoft to go to EA 10. PlayStation Home

JAPAN: Wii Fit Tops Interest [Next-Gen]


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