Job Placement Book Turned Into... DS Game

13helloworkds.jpg Once again proving that Japan will make ANYTHING into a DS game comes A 13 Year-Old's Hello Work. It's an adventure game based on, get this, a humourous job guide book for early teens. Players are a young girl from the future who has traveled back in time to help people who have lost interest in work. Yes, there are mini-games.

The original book A 13 Year-Old's Hello Work was written by respected author Ryu Murakami, who penned the novels Almost Transparent Blue and Coin Locker Babies. Hello Work is a famous Japanese job placement agency. Murakami's book is actually quite funny! The book lays out likes particular interests children have and then possible careers connected to them. It's not entirely flip, but the book is light hearted. For example, it tells kids that if they like fighting, they should become professional wrestlers. Sound advice! I was actually thinking of picking it up for Mini-Bash for when he turns 13. Guess I can just get the DS game instead... Hello Work DS [Famitsu]


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