Journo Sees Game CEO In Toilet, Freaks Out

Journo Sees Game CEO In Toilet, Freaks Out

h12.JPG Ah, yes. MTV’s Stephen Totilo gets to rub elbows with music stars. Now thanks to MTV’s snatching up Rock Band developer Harmonix, Totilo gets to see game industry types. How exciting! And if he’s really, really lucky, he gets to run into people like Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos in the men’s room. Totilo recounts the tale:

I was startled. I’m used to seeing rock stars and rappers walk around on my floor (Snoop has the biggest body guards of any of them), but game developers?

Time froze as I wondered whether he’d recognise me from our brief prior interviews. I wondered, if he didn’t, if it would be appropriate to remind him who I am as he’s walking into the men’s room presumably with objectives in mind that don’t involve talking to a reporter.

Did I say something clever? Did I offer him a shake with my now-sparkling clean hand? According to the e-mail I later wrote to one of the heads of MTV PR about this incident, I muttered a “Hi” and then shuffled off in a moment so awkward, that, well, I notified MTV PR so they could smooth things over.

So tell us, does Rigopulos wash his hands or not? What about Snoop?
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