July NPDs Show Money Was Made

pimpgba.jpgJuly NPDs are in. Guess what? Money was made. Millions. Units were shifted, gamers bought games, companies are happy. Which companies? Nintendo, obviously, and Sony, and Microsoft. I'd give you percentages and NPD statements, but those are boring; instead, let's get straight to the point. The hardware sales chart.1) Wii - 425,000 2) DS - 405,000 3) PS2 - 222,000 4) PSP - 214,000 5) 360 - 170,000 6) PS3 - 159,000 7) GBA - 87,000

Gotta love that GBA. Pointless since 2005 and it still sells 87k. It's the little handheld that could!

July NPD: Game Industry Soars to Nearly $1 Billion, Wii Tops All, PS3 Almost Matches 360 [Gamedaily]


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