Kasumi Emerges VIctorious From G-Phoria Awards

kasumiwins.jpgSo did you watch the G-Phoria awards? No? I didn't either. I instead relied on news to filter down from people who had, letting us know who won what. And while much will be made of Gears of War winning six awards, the real star of the night was Dead or Alive stalwart and Kotaku favourite Kasumi, who won "Hottest Babe". List of other, lesser winners follows.Game of the Year - Gears of War Best Graphics - Gears of War Best New Character - Marcus Fenix Best Voiceover - The Mighty Rasta (Cole Train) Best Action Game - Gears of War Best Multiplayer Game - Gears of War Best RPG - Twilight Princess Longest Lasting Game - Twilight Princess Best Soundtrack - Guitar Hero II Best Downloadable Content - Shivering Isles Best Strategy Game - C&C 3 Best Handheld Game - Pokemon DIamond & Pearl Best Sports Game - Wii Sports Most Original Game - Dead Rising Best System - Xbox 360 Most Deserving of a Uwe Boll Movie - Red Steel Hottest Babe - Kasumi

Hmm. They're all wrong. Guitar Hero for soundtrack? Little unfair to games with their own soundtrack. Wii Sports? Great party game, poor sports game. Marcus Fenix? Man's got to have character to be a character. And...OK, I'll sit down now. Kasumi won, so we're all good.

Gears Of War Tops G-Phoria Game Awards [Gamasutra]


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