Killzone 2 Most Cinematic Game Ever Produced

Killzone 2 Most Cinematic Game Ever Produced

The BBC recently got a chance to play through a small chunk of Killzone 2. It appears the level they got their hands on was the one shown at E3, and they were thoroughly impressed:

Sat down in front of a playable level it is immediately clear that Killzone 2 will be one of the most cinematic and immersive games ever produced on a console.

The raw processing power of the PlayStation 3 has been harnessed to create a level of detail seen only in a handful of games on high-end PCs.

The dynamic lighting, animation, high-definition environments and details, such as plaster flying off walls and pillars caught in crossfire, create a sense of place and reality that takes games to a new level of realism.

The unnamed writer says that the game is leaps better than the original Killzone, and not just because of the improved graphics, AI, specifically, is called out as “first rate”. The writer goes on to say that there are some rough bits still that need to be worked out, but seems to be genuinely impressed.

Hit the link for the full write up and make sure to check out their video.

State of Play: Killzone 2 hands on [BBC]

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