Kiss Your Old, Hard Nintendo Games Goodbye

giantshiggyface.jpg Speaking with Famitsu, Shigeru Miyamoto has tried to calm the growing ranks of dissatisfied Nintendo fans left wanting at the lack of "old-fashioned games" on the company's release schedule. Nutty, disembodied doctors, puppies and face exercises are all well and good, but sometimes we just want to play some stages, in sequence, culminating in some kind of near-impossible boss battle as part of a thinly-glued, over-arching narrative. The latter sound like your cup of tea? Avert your eyes:

While there are indeed games designed for core and casual markets, core users are also enjoying casual gaming. It is very hard to tune the difficulty just for the core market. Even for us, we would still have difficulty finding the right balance. But I think the future is games that are not difficult and yet very fun to play.

In other words, fewer games just for the "core" market. Hope you like puppies and Pokemon! Miyamoto: "Games Should Feel Like Games" [Next-Gen]


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