Kohler Hates Boll…And Postal

Kohler Hates Boll…And Postal

widesign_2.jpgBut don’t we all, or at least I assume we all would if we took the time to see the movie. I don’t envy Wired’s Chris Kohler at all, he was paid to watch Postal at it’s premiere a, I can only imagine, giddy and constantly clapping Uwe Boll waiting in the wings.

Wired editor Chris Baker likened the experience to being in “Nam together” and Kohler described the movie as one laugh followed by 90 minutes of flat jokes, the whole thing punctuated by a “long, leisurely shot of a fully nude Foley scratching his reproductive organs.” (He has two!!!)

Go to read Kohler’s take on the whole odd experience because it is much funnier than I suspect Postal could ever be and to make up for the fact that the Chris’ “went to the Castro so that Boll could beat not on our bodies, but on our very brains” for you, the reader.

Having A Boll: Scenes From the Postal Premiere [GameLife]

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