Kojima Not Tired Of 360 Questions, Favours Unified Platform

Kojima Not Tired Of 360 Questions, Favours Unified Platform

148.jpeg Kojima Productions just posted a podcast conversation between Hideo Kojima, Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond and AC creative director Patrice Desilets. The chat runs about twenty minutes — 8 of which is them saying how much they dig each other’s games. Though, there is some grist towards the end when KP’s Ryan Payton puts forth the PS3/Xbox 360 cross-platform question, asking if they like the rumours and speculation. While Patrice says he personally finds it “fun,” Jade adds:

We want to make the best game possible that can be enjoyed by the most people possible. For us, its obviously a bigger challenge to ship simultaneously on both consoles, because they are not the same. But it’s also worth while if that means more people can play the game, so I think that’s ultimately our objective. To just get it out there to as many people as possible.

Payton then turns around and asks his boss Hideo Kojima if he’s tired of people that keep asking whether MGS4 will be on both platforms. Kojima’s response?

It’s basically kind of a good thing, because if people don’t start asking these questions it means we fall off from their list of their interest. So I think it’s good they talk about us.

Would you rather there be a single platform? Payton asks.

Yes, obviously. However, just like Jade here, I play the role of producer as well meaning I have to play politics and be aware of trends. Purely as a games creator, I would not like to think about those things and just concentrate on what I do best: Make games.

Click over to listen the pow-wow, which is peppered with Jade saying “out” in a Canadian accent. Oot. How cute.

Session 054 [i-revo]

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