Kojima To Reveal "Undisclosed" MGS4 Themes

hideo_kojima_585.jpg Leipzig wouldn't be a game convention without a new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer as well as game creator Hideo Kojima introducing new, "undisclosed" in-game themes. Yes, themes! Konami-wise, there will also be Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles and Silent Hill Origins for the PSP, Wii title Dewy's Adventure and recently unveiled Silent Hill V. Konami's German sales and marketing director Martin Schneider says:

Leipzig is an incredibly important show for Konami, more so than ever this year. These are exciting times for Konami's European operations, and the titles and presentations we have on offer showcase this perfectly. With the likes of MGS4 and PES 2008 on display for the first we have two of the most anticipated games on the horizon.

MGS4-on-Xbox-360 rumours starting in five, four, three, two... Kojima to show off themes [CVG]


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