Kotaku Originals: From COD4 to Pirates vs. Ninjas

It’s a mixed bag this week in Kotaku originals. We got a hands on with Call of Duty 4 multiplayer mode, Ninja vs Pirates finally claims an owner and yet even more ubiquitous Halo 3 news!

Developing GRAW2 For The PS3

Talking Halo 3, And What Comes After Halo 3, With Bungie

Dude Met Uwe Boll And Lived to TellMr. Robot: The Final Discussion

NYT: EA Owns Ubisoft

Halo 360 Dated, Priced For Australia

Hands-On With Halo 3’s Singleplayer, Final Movie Maker

The Mexican 8-Bit Xbox 360-Looking Emulator

Call Of Duty 4 Multiplayer Hands-On Impressions

Haze: A Study In Asymetric Combat

Retirement Home Hosts Wii Home Run Derby

Dungeon Runner’s Next Big Thing

With This Click I Thee Wed

Wii at the Shanghai Aquarium

The Xbox 360’s Other Red Ring

Whorecraft Starlet Kicked From WoW

Blazing Lizard Owns Pirates Vs. Ninjas

Why Does Turning on My 360 Make Me Nervous?

More Sonic-in-Super-Smash-Bros. Proof?

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