Inafune Up Close

Inafune Up Close

So today, Mega Man/Dead Rising/Lost Planet dude Keiji Inafune made an appearance at the GameStop on Broadway in New York City. Kotakuite Samuel was the first in line, getting there way before anyone else and worrying about whether anyone would actually save his place should he need to take a leak. Being the first in line meant that he’d have first crack at Inafune — perhaps catch him off-guard and ask him when they’re going to start making Dead Rising 2. He’d never see that one coming! Samuel writes:

I asked Inafune-san a question, so I’ll quote myself and him verbatim:

Me: “Itsu Dead Rising 2 ni tsukae ni hajimemasu ka?”

Inafune: “Mokkai”

There you have it. My Japanese was bad, so I said “tsukae” instead of ”asobu.” But then again, a meaning of “tsukaeru” means “to be serviceable” or “to be useful” so I guess I sounded a little mean. I apologise for my horrible Japanese mistake.

No worries! The pics are super, and there’s nothing like baffling famous game folkin with funny Japanese. Next time, English!

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