Launches Are Letdowns, Even Bioshock

Launches Are Letdowns, Even Bioshock

2006. AAA games is not a gruelling marathon, it’s a multi-year Ironman tournament. And at the end, the “winners” often feel less like partying than puking up a bit of blood and lying down to take a nap. That’s why Bioshock’s Ken Levine has this to say about releases:

…launches are usually such abstract things. You wake up launch morning and it’s like, “Hey, our game has, umm, shipped to retail!” It’s not exactly like headlining at Madison Square Garden.

Luckily, Levine is enjoying a few Bioshock parties before waking on launch day, trapped by a lack of existential optimism that no party hat can replace.

I’d Like To Thank the Academy [via bluesnews]

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