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To: Ash From: Crecente Re: "America Is Not Nice"

What a strange coincidence. I was watching an HBO special about Hiroshima last night. I think you should tell your son that no country is nice. It's a truism.

I spent a chunk of today working on scheduling Leipzig stuff. Sure the Games Convention is next week, and we're leaving in just a handful of days to cover it, but a lot of companies are just getting around to scheduling events. I can't even confirm that Mike and Mark have credentials to get in, so we might be covering the event from the outside... at a nearby Beer Garden...

It does sound like there will be a reasonable amount of news coming out of the event, a surprising amount actually when you look at how news-free last year's Games Convention was. Can't wait. The best part of covering Games Convention? I can actually catch a direct flight from Denver to Berlin. Sa-weet!

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