Leipzig Best In Show Winners Announced

bestinshowwin.jpgYou've read the list of nominees for "Best in Show" from the Leipzig Games Convention. You've thought it through, mulled over the lists, imagined in your head the winners, the losers, the stark contrast between ecstasy and agony. Wonder no more. Here are the winners. The Best in Show:Best PS2 Game - Pro Evo 2008

Best PC Game - Crysis

Best 360 Game - BioShock

Best PSP Game - God of War: Chains of Olympus

Best PS3 Game - Pro Evo 2008

Best Wii Game - Mario & Sonic at the Olympics

Best DS Game - Eye Training

Best Online Game - Age of Conan

Best Hardware/Accessory - Wii Balance Board

Best Mobile Game - NOBODY. The two entrants (Skate & Medal of Honour Airborne) go home empty-handed, no doubt because both are a bit shit.

Before you reach for the angry-commenter button, remember two things: firstly, with regards to Pro Evo. Americans not familiar with it, imagine a game with the cultural impact of Madden, except it was actually very, very good. Secondly, with Mario & Sonic...OK, got no idea on that one. The rules said something about "participation was open to all companies exhibiting playable products at the GC, the launch of which was not planned before the beginning of the convention", which must explain why Mario Galaxy didn't get the nod.


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