Leipzig By The Numbers

numbersboy.jpgSure, you sat at your PCs, bleary-eyed, lapping up every goddamned inch of Leipzig coverage we crammed down your yaps. And for that, we thank you! But one thing you probably missed by not being there was a sense of the scale of the event. I should know, I missed it too, and am only coming around to its size by looking at the official numbers provided to us by the organisers. Over the four days 185,000 people wandered in to check out 503 exhibitors. 12,300 registered trade visitors were present, of which 43% were from outside Germany. Other super-fun stats include: 20% of visitors were women, 45% of visitors indicated they were "casual gamers", 52% of attendees were over the age of 20 and the event was covered by over 3300 journalists from 46 countries. Who said numbers weren't fun? They're fun and then some.


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