Let's Not Make A Sucky "Bourne" Game, 'K?

BourneIdentity_2.jpgMovie The Bourne Ultimatum is out in American theatres and making serious bank. But where's the game? Oh, it's coming. Just gotta wait until next year! Vivendi Games have a cross platform Bourne title named THe Bourne Conspiracy slated for mid-2008. What's taking so long? Emmanuel Valdez, chief creative officer at Vivendi's internal developer, points out:

We knew we didn't have enough time to build a quality 'Ultimatum' game and come out with it at the same time as the movie. So we decided to do things differently, something new.

That means mixing in elements from the first movie The Bourne Identity and totally new elements that had to be approved by the estate of Robert Ludlum, the Bourne author who passed away in 2001. The movie's screenwriter was also brought in to make sure that the game jived with the Bourne books and films. Work on the game kicked off in 2005, and the devs knew that they could never finish the title in time. Instead, they decided to create a game that "could stand on its own two feet." We'll know next year if it does. And if it doesn't, we'll know that, too. Bourne Game [Reuters]


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