Level5 Backs Up Soccer RPG With Cool TGS Schwag

level5premiumdemo.jpg Besides a new Professor Layton game, Level5 also announced a soccer RPG calledd Inazuma Eleven. The game centres around a junior high school team that has gotten an exchange student from Australia. Original teams can be created and exchanged with friends via Wi-Fi. Players use the touch pen to draw lines for passing and tap the touch screen to shoot. There are a thousand-plus characters as well! The game features comical, unrealistic soccer moves like the "God Hand" in which a huge hand blocks the goal. The music is being done by Yasunori Mitsuda, who worked on Chrono Trigger before getting ulcers. While the release date hasn't been announced, TGS attendees have an opportunity to snag a demo cartridge that not only features Inazuma Eleven but also an original mini story Professor Layton and the London Holiday. Called "Level5 Premium Silver," expect this limited edition cart to be snapped up FAST! Level5's Soccer Game [Famitsu]


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