Levine Responds To BioShock Copy Protecton Woes

Levine Responds To BioShock Copy Protecton Woes

kenlevinepic2.jpgOnce again Ken Levine comes out of the top-secret Levine-cave full of wondrous gadgets where he dwells in his imagination to address a major issue with 2K’s new baby, BioShock. The concerns over SecuROM copy protection issues will soon be a thing of the past. In a thread posted on the 2K forums by a user named BioshockClassAction, Levine lays it on out.

I’ve followed up on the circular email with securom and we are working on this issue. I agree, it sucks, and we need to get that sorted.

I’ve been told by 2k that we will.


Great! The problem will soon be solved, just like when Ken responded to the widescreen issue…which led to a very unsatisfactory result. That couldn’t happen twice, could it?

2K is breaking their own license agreement [2K Forums – Thanks Kevin!]

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