Levine’s Replies To BioShock Widescreen Cropping

Levine’s Replies To BioShock Widescreen Cropping

bioshocksleevethumb.jpg Widescreen owners, you are missing out hot BioShock SLEEVE action. While the game shows the full picture in standard 4:3 ratio, it crops the top and bottom slightly in widescreen. Fuckles! I knew something was missing in that BioShock demo (A sleeve!). This apparently affects both PC and Xbox 360 versions and has annoyed some players, while others don’t mind. BioShock Creative Director Ken Levine has made an official reply over at the 2K Forums, writing:

Hey guys-

Sorry about all the conflict. IG development people (specifically Chris and Rowan who are both on vacation) were trying to take a day off today (we’ve been working about six months 6-7 days a week). I’m trying to see what everybody’s concerns are and consult with the staff.

I know people are frustrated, but we are dealing with internet time here. It wasn’t until 7 pm EST that I was able to even talk to anybody in our Australian studio, which is open today (9 AM their time).

I hear you that not everybody was thrilled with the PC launch. And I’m trying to collect information and see what the facts are. PC game development does not function in a matter of seconds or hours, especially when most of the team is on vacation. But I hear you, and we’re looking into the issue. I’ll only ask you have a bit of understanding as to the time scale that software development issues must occur in.

Best regards,

Ken Levine

An apology, people on vacation and some unhappy campers. Still, chill out hyper people! Ken is on it, doing his best so you too see that sleeve.
A note from Ken on the widescreen concerns [2K Forums, Thanks Brendan!]


  • This whole SecuRom thing is discusting, intrusive and distructive to PC’s. It should not be allowed to be used. If Ken Levine wanted to look further into the SecuRom disaster he should look at what’s going on at the EA sims2 site. It’s settled down a bit for now only because on the forum nearly all posts are being locked down or delete when Securom is attacked in them. A lot of simmers that are against SecuRom have moved over to the – Simmers Against SecuRom – site, where we can discuss what to do about it and to help others with problems with it, work out how to play the game they have paid for but can’t because it’s causing problems with their PC’s software and other functions. It should be made illegal.

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