LittleBigPlanet Gets Better Acting

littlebigplanet_lgc.jpgWe had the opportunity to sit in on a LittleBigPlanet demo with Media Molecule creative director Mark Healey at Games Convention to get a quick update on how the PLAYSTATION 3 game is progressing. Unfortunately, the build on hand was from E3 '06 meaning there was little in the way of new features or content. Healey did tell us though that we can expect an improved version of the "create, play, share" software at Tokyo Game Show.

In addition to loads of new stuff to futz with, edit and graffiti, exactly where you can place your customised materials is going to change (read: there's even more flexibility there). In addition to that very dry detail, one that probably needs to be seen in person to understand properly, Healey promised that we'd be impressed—quite possibly even doubled-over with laughter—at the new puppet emotes and "acting" skills.He also revealed that you'll be able to interact with other users by navigating the textile based globe, seemingly in a fashion similar to Katamari Damacy's interactive Earth. You'll meet up with other puppets on the corduroy planet for multiplayer matches, sharing, chatting, all that stuff.

Hopefully, we'll get a look at all these new features at TGS.

It was actually my first time with LittleBigPlanet and I snatched up the SIXAXIS as soon as it was offered. After being blown away by the game's GDC presentation, I started to worry that it wouldn't actually be that much fun to play and that the editor might be a bit too slow for proper level creation. At this point, after running around the pre-made level with Healey and stringing together my own primitive shapes into something worthwhile, my fears have been allayed.

It's awesome. So awesome.


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