Liveblogging The Sony Press Conference

Liveblogging The Sony Press Conference

DSC00764.JPGI’m sitting down on the faux plastic grass of Sony’s mammoth, and quite cool, GC booth. They’ve got wood chairs set up facing a large screen that reads “Welcome to the Scee Press Conference.”

Hey! Phil Harrison just stopped by to say hi. Nice guy. I ran my best guesses for the conference by him to see if I could get a reaction:

PSP Video Download Service announced: Stone faced.
FIFA tournament announced: Stone faced.
FIFA president to take the stage: Stone faced.
Any my personal favourite wild rumour: PS3 Rumble controller announced: Stone faced.

Hit the jump to follow along the press conference.The show’s starting. They’re showing a cool video montage showing off some of their past, present and future greats including Ratchet and Clank,. God of War, SingStar and of course their library of hardware from PS One to the PS3.

David Reeves, president of SCEE, is on the stage to share with us some “key announcements” for the PS3 European market.

“Games Convention and more important this year, in particular since the E3 has moved to a more regional show.”

Before the big announcements, which includes some “new game announcements”, Reeves wants to talk about growing the gaming market. He says the market for TV based consoles have risen 65 per cent in PAL market in the past ten years.

PS3 sell through saw a 240 per cent increase in Germany in the first week after the introduction of the new bundle there.

“The growth of social growth has been a key component of our strategy.”

More than 645,000 European PS3 owners have registered for the Playstation Network, which is about a 50 percent install base. The best selling titles on the PSN are Tekken 5, Flow, Super Rub a Dub and Calling all Cars. Tekken 5 had 103,000 downloads.

Now on from stats to new software and such. The Playstation 3 is first.

Early in the new year will be introducing Play TV, it turns your Playstation 3 into a DVR. Play TV will use a small device that can record a channel while you watch another channel.

To use you connect your television to the device and then to your PS3 and it supported high def video. Oh man, it looks amazing. And! It can stream video live or recorded to your PSP. HOTNESS. Though he didn’t mention North America specifically he did say it would be coming to “other” regions. So keep your fingers crossed

OK going through some of the stuff we know now about some exciting PS3 games. Hey, Hideo is in the audience. He just got a little name drop. But, alas, nothing new on Metal Gear Solid 4 at this presser.

It looks like Buzz, that little game show trivia game for the PS2 is coming to the PS3, they had a sorta annoying announcement by the game’s announcer.

Now they’re showing a new Gran Turismo video. The video shows inside the car during the video looks, as always, very impressive.

GT5 Prologue will hit in Europe before the end of the year.

Now on to the Playstation Portable. Reeves is talking a bit now about Echochrome, that sexy brain teaser we saw at E3.

Ah, he didn’t really say anything. Onto a montage video.

They’re talking about the new slimmer PSP now. The PSP Slim and Light is coming to Europe in September. It will come here in the normal colours as well as in special Simpsons and Spiderman versions.

Now they’re talking about Go! Messenger, a service that will allow you to chat with users around the world using your PSP. It will also support the PSP cam and allow you to do video chat. It’s scheduled for launch in January of 08.
On to Go! Explore, which is a satellite navigation tool for the PS3 which supports both vehicle and pedestrian maps. It will allow you to plan your route in advance and follow it in three dimensions.

They’re showing a demo now. The device plugs into the back of your PSP and sticks up about twice as high as the camera, though I suspect that’s the antenna, which I’d guess can fold out of the way when not in use.

Oh that’s neat, it creates a little 3D map that actually displays some famous buildings along your route, so it’s not just float roads.

Ah! That screen looks familiar. It’s the PSP Video Download Service slide I saw this morning. The video download service is exclusive to the PSP.

The video download service will launch with a “rich selection of high quality entertainment.” It will include Sky content (their partner) in addition to some third party content owners. Latest movies and high-profile sporting events will be available on a pay-per-view basis. You will have a choice of payment options. Either you can take out a subscription or just by per a piece of content.

Showing some “possible content.” Like movies such as Spider-Man and Ghost Rider. Television shows and sports,

This service is due out in the UK and Ireland in early 2008. He said they are also active in discussions in France and will be working on Spain and Germany next. Hey, what about the US?

Ah, on to the FIFA news I overheard. I believe.

PS3 is teaming with EA for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2008. The tournament this year will support players from around the world on the PS3.

They’ve just brought the FIFA higher-up Chuck Blazer to the stage to discuss the tourney. Registration for the online element is now underway at Andrew Wilson, executive producer of FIFA for EA, took the stage to show off the new FIFA game.

Stop the presses FIFA 08 announced… burn.

They’re showing off the game on the PS3. How bout that, this EA game runs at 60 frames per a second on the PS3. It looks pretty good, though they’re not showing it on the big screen, so it’s hard to see.

OK, they’ve introduced the head of Sony Computer Entertainment Germany to the stage to wrap things up.

It looks like he will be talking about the German market.

Hmmm, they’re showing a video of a German rock band, Toten Hosen, now. Not sure why, but they’re apparently known for their “barn storming” performances.

They’re showing them playing SingStar ah, it looks like they’re taking the stage now. To sing live.

Reeves is back up on stage after a bit of Toten Hosen. He’s wrapping up just how massive the upcoming months for the PSP and PS3 will be.

I think the biggest news is the DVR TV Anywhere news. I sure hope it comes to the US. That’s it. We’ll circle back in a bit with the official press releases, images and vids.


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