Logitech Mating Wii-mote And SIXAXIS?

mating1.jpg The people sure love that Wii-mote. It's maybe about perfect, right? Nope! "If you couldn't improve on it, we wouldn't be in business," says Logitech's Chris Spearing. The peripheral maker thinks it can one-up Nintendo and made a serious contender. The company is planning to announce a new Wii periph that *may* challenge Nintendo's remote. And how the hell could they do that? By mating the Wii-mote with the SIXAXIS. Or something. Spearing explains:

Having the motion-sensing in the SIXAXIS, that really works for some games. And for the Wii — you've seen people rush out and buy the Wii for that realism, if you're swinging a tennis racket, you know how to do it. Hopefully we'll be at the forefront of pushing that further, combining some of the two.

Oh. Alright. You do that. Wiimote Rival? [GamesIndustry]


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