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I love a good hack n’ slash RPG, and I have always been deeply enthralled by ancient cultures and their mythologies, so Loki seems to be right down my alley. An epic adventure spanning Aztec, Egyptian, Greek and Norse mythologies with hundreds of monsters and character advancement that caps at level 200 sounds like pure bliss right about now. Due out on the 24th of this month, 93 Games, Ascaron and Cyanide Studio have just released a playable demo that allows you to play through 20 levels as the Norse Warrior, which they describe as “the toughest and most brutal character in the game” as he quests to defeat the legendary wolf Fenrir. The download weighs in at 991MB and promises hours that should give you an excellent idea of whether or not the game deserves your dollar. Hit the jump for a list of download locations!

Loki Norse Demo – Playable Demo available now

93 Games, Ascaron and Cyanide Studio are equipping gamers for a fantastic adventure with the release of this single-player demo for Loki, the legendary hack ‘n slash RPG for PC.

In this 991 MB demo, players will jump into the blood-soaked boots of the Norse Warrior, one of the four characters available in the full game. The Norse Warrior is the toughest and most brutal character in the game, and prefers to deal death with two-handed weapons – including his trademark battle axe. As part of the demo campaign, players will have to collect elements needed to defeat Fenrir the legendary giant wolf and will also be able to level their character up to a max of 20 – which means several hours of hack ‘n slash fun for those who will want to explore the skill tree of the Scandinavian hero (200 is the maximum level you can reach in the game). In order to do this, players will face hundreds of enemies, wild beasts and other dangerous creatures that live in Myllkwoord forest, in the volcano and in the dungeons of the goblin city.

Loki will be released on August 24, 2007 on PC DVD-Rom.

The demo is available at the following mirrors:






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