Look, No, World Of Warcraft Is Not Coming To Consoles

monkeyhear.jpgWhat's with you people? What, you don't have a PC that can run WoW? Rubbish, everyone does. Quit hassling Blizzard about a console version of World of Warcraft, the poor guys must be sick of it by now. In response to what's gotta be the 15,143,739th time someone's asked them this, a Blizzard rep has posted on the official boards:

We're madly in love with the PC and Mac platforms, and there are no plans at this time to bring World of Warcraft to any other platforms.

See? Madly in love. With both the platforms and the cash money. Think they're going to be bothered with console ports just for the 6 people who don't have a PC that can run WoW? No. They've got fast, expensive cars to race and casinos to frequent. When does the PS3 version come out? [WoW Forums, via Game|Life]


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