Mad Catz Sales Down 20%, Profit Up 10%

madcatz.jpgCompared to this quarter one year ago, Mad Catz' overall sales have dropped from $US18.1 million to $US14.6 million. But due to better operating and a cleaner product line, they have seen their gross profit margin grow 10%.

But that sales number is still disheartening for the company. Why the low number? I'm guessing that Microsoft's proprietary wireless technology alongside Nintendo's patented Wiimote isn't helping one bit. Where Mad Catz has undersold the slightly more polished but equivalent competition for years, they are now left unable to compete. So in many ways, the fate of Mad Catz will be tied to the PS3's success and their ability to adapt outside the controller market. Mad Catz Q1 2008 Sees Loss Narrowed [gamedaily]


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