Manhunt 2 Appeal Verdict's Gonna Be A While

manhunt2bands.jpgThink the British Board of Film Classification care about Rockstar and Take-Two's release schedule? They couldn't give two shits. MCV "understand" that Rockstar's appeal to have the game's British ban overturned, which was submitted last week, is now being heard by the board. Thing is, they also "understand" the process could take months, meaning that if the game ever does ship, we'll all have gotten over it by then. Maybe even completely forgotten about it, and you have to resort to making things up so you sound like you know what you're talking about. "Manhunt 2? Ah, yes, the one with the magic penguins and little orphaned babies. No thanks, heard it was a bit crap. $10 for downloadable babies was a bit much". Rockstar faces lengthy wait for Manhunt appeal verdict [MCV]


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