Nintendo To Hire New Ad Agency

Nintendo To Hire New Ad Agency

Ikea-big.jpgNintendo’s $US26 million advertising account is up for grabs after former advertising company Leo Burnett, who helped launch the Wii, resigned from the position.

Making it to the final stages of negotiations, it looks like Nintendo’s new agency will be Karmarama. Their clients, from IKEA to CNN, had us scratching our heads. But after a little perusal through Karmarama’s portfolio, we think that we understand why they’d be a good fit.

Karmarama’s portfolio seems to be driven on rebranding old products/companies for new markets.

Take Coleman’s, an aging condiment producer. With the “Meatylicious Campaign” their sales jumped 17%.

Or look at the 1960’s clothing label “Kickers”. Once iconic and edgy, the brand had fallen off before a new marketing campaign boosted their trendiness factor by about 200%.

Sure, I’m just spouting back Karmarama’s own self-marketing, and most ad agencies are required to re-invent the old to scrape by in the business, but it seems to be a running theme here—and I’m sold that it’s motivating Nintendo’s direction—even if they’ve already done a great job rebranding themselves through product alone.

Karmarama tipped to win £13m Nintendo account [via mcv]


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