Medal Of Honour Airborne Demo Coming

MOHA_Husky_Jumplg.jpgA demo for Medal of Honour Airborne drops onto the Xbox 360 and PC on August 23, EA announced today. The 360 version will be on Live and the PC version on the Medal of Honour website. The demo will be of a single, single player mission.

Demo Mission: Operation Husky A joint allied operation into the island of Sicily, Operation Husky follows Boyd Travers and the 82nd Airborne on their first combat jump on July 11, 1943. After securing and sabotaging four anti-aircraft guns, Boyd is sent to rendezvous with a group of Airborne paratroopers at the edge of the village. Here, they run into the German Heer army, who is attempting to recapture the village from the Airborne. Boyd must push to the end of this small hamlet, eliminating Germans along the way, then find a sniper rifle and eliminate the German commander. He's successful, but not before the commander has successfully called in reinforcements.


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