Meet Uwe Boll So We Don't Have To

duckuwebollredshirt.jpg Live in Wisconsin? Heard of Uwe Boll? If you answered "yes" to that, then maybe, just maybe, you can help us. From October 26-28, film festival It Came From Lake Michigan 2007! Best part: Uwe Boll will be there. In person, even! That means, you could actually go up to him and talk to him. Prefect for quality Kotaku Stalku! Anyone who does happen to meet Boll, please ask chowderhead if he plans on making the following games into movies:Burger Time Tetris Microsoft Flight Simulator X Cooking Mama Solitaire Outrun

No, on second thought. Don't ask about Outrun That could actually be made into a movie, and we don't want to give him any ideas. There are some cool guests [It Came From Lake Michigan! Thanks Teekan!]


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