Metal Gear Solid 4 May Feature Limited Online Play, Custom Soundtracks

kojima_presser.jpgTwo vaguely detailed responses from Hideo Kojima and crew at today's Metal Gear Solid 4 press conference revealed two possible new features for Kojima Productions upcoming tactical espionage action game. When asked a horridly conceived question about the game's soundtrack, Kojima responded with what he described as a bit of a slip, telling the crowd that "there will be a special feature where maybe you can play your favourite [soundtrack] ."

Just before that, contradicting information we'd heard from Konami of America, Kojima told us that while Metal Gear Online is a totally independent game, sold separately from Metal Gear Solid 4, the single-player release will feature partial online play. We're not sure if that means Kojima and crew are planning to include just a demo for Metal Gear Online or if it will feature some other facet of the online component. According to the translation, it sounds like the ultimate decision is still up in the air.

Hopefully, we'll be able to catch up with Kojima at Tokyo Game Show to learn more details.


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