Metroid Prime 3 Gets Mini-Achievements?

mp3token.jpg360 achievements are nice, sometimes, but they're not really my cup of tea. Little too competitive for my liking. I would also have thought they were a little too competitive for Nintendo's liking, but on that, I'm so wrong. Looks like MP3 will feature some kind of achievement system, where pulling off certain feats/tasks sees you awarded coloured tokens. Some of these tokens are for you (i.e. you use them to unlock hidden/extra stuff), but some are for you to send to friends (so they can unlock stuff).

It's certainly different. And officially unconfirmed (this info all comes from a GameFAQs poster who apparently played the game at his local GameStop). But you can definitely see a blue token being awarded in this trailer (7:59), and the whole notion of a caring, sharing system of achievements instead of one centred around pissing contests is certainly more Nintendo's style.

Interesting Metroid Prime 3 Feature [Go Nintendo]


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