Michel Gagné Making Game, Awesomeness To Follow

gagneshooter.jpgWow. Michel Gagné is one of the world's most, I don't know, beautiful comic guys around. As in his work. Not himself. Though he is rather fetching, with his beard and Matthew Modine haircut. But I digress. Dude's making a game! Looks like a shooter. He's just posted on his own site:

For the past year, I've been creating (with the help of a small crew) the kind of game I'd love to play.

Looks like the kind of game a lot of people would like to play. Looks gorgeous. So yummy I'd put it straight on a plate, no veggies, no mash, and just eat it all up. With my fingers! My mother's teachings be damned. As of now it lacks a publisher, so any publishers reading this, go on. Publish it. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet [Official Site, via TGIS]


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