Microsoft Announces Its Own Gaming Mouse

Microsoft Announces Its Own Gaming Mouse

msofthardwaremousebig.jpg At the Leipzig Games Convention today, Microsoft Hardware announced its SideWinder line. Microsoft’s SideWinder Mouse was built from the ground up and designed specially for gaming. The mouse is tricked out with various features like one-touch Windows Vista Games Explorer access, Quick Turn button that lets users check their in-game perimeter, a weight cartridge system for personalising the mouse’s weight and an LCD built onto the mouse. The mouse will go on sale this October for $US79.95. We were guessing it would retail for more, but it’s only 79 bucks. “Only 79 bucks.” Ha! Hit the jump for the full press release:Microsoft Hardware’s Got Game: SideWinder Line Is Back With a Mouse That Defines Customized Gaming Control

SideWinder Mouse is group’s first gaming mouse built in-house from the ground up.

LEIPZIG, Germany ─ Aug. 22, 2007 ─ Today at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, Microsoft Hardware debuts the revival of its SideWinderâ„¢ line with its first gaming mouse built from the ground up – a product that transcends the mouse category to become a customisable gaming system.

The Microsoft® SideWinder Mouse was created to meets gamers’ individual needs, providing custom tuning tools and a design for ultimate handling. The first mouse to wear the coveted SideWinder name, this top-of-the-line gaming machine sets itself apart from the competition with never-before-seen features that gamers want, uncovered during worldwide research. Features include one-touch access to Windows Vista® Games Explorer, Quick Turn – a performance-enhancing macro that lets users check their perimeter from wherever they are in-game – the first-ever LCD on a gaming mouse, and a cable anchor that doubles as an accessories storage box.

“We’re taking gaming mice to a new level with a mouse created in direct response to gamer feedback from all over the world; it offers superior customisation and performance handling,” said Bill Jukes, product marketing manager for Microsoft Hardware. “We found that gamers are a lot like performance car enthusiasts. They like to tweak and tune their mouse to get it just right, and today we are giving them the tools to create a personalised experience that lets them focus on what’s important: being at the top of their game.”

The SideWinder Mouse marks the return of the popular SideWinder line of gaming peripherals, established in 1995 and known for its top-notch PC gaming peripherals, including game pads, joysticks and steering wheels. The SideWinder Mouse adds to the line of PC gaming products and reinforces Microsoft Corp.’s continued commitment to PC gamers.

Nearly 5,000 Mice in One

The SideWinder Mouse lets gamers create an individual gaming system with tuning options that allow them to personalise their SideWinder Mouse, including an adjustable weight tray, changeable mice feet with three materials for glide preference, DPI control and new software features. The SideWinder Mouse lets gamers record their own macros by tying a sequence of actions into one press of a button. With all the features in this new mouse, gamers can transform their mouse into nearly 5,000 different mice from a single system.

These new features allow gamers to do the following:

o Turn on a dime. The new Quick Turn feature – a performance-enhancing macro – is built right into the software and lets users check their perimeter at any angle from wherever they are in the game with the click of a button.
o Choose the perfect weight. The SideWinder Mouse has a weight cartridge system and comes with four weights (up to 30 grams) so gamers can customise the weight of the mouse to their preference.
o Choose from three sets of feet to match gameplay preference. The SideWinder Mouse ships with three sets of feet, offering varied levels of glide depending on personal preference and the surface used.
o Instantly switch between DPI settings. A 2,000-DPI laser engine delivers super-fast response time, and three DPI switches behind the scroll wheel allow gamers to toggle between low-, medium- and high-sensitivity settings – in-game, at any time.

The First Gaming Mouse System

The SideWinder Mouse is more than a gaming mouse – it’s a gaming system. To complement the customisable options, this mouse has the following three innovative features to make it the ultimate gaming package:

* LCD. With the first LCD on a gaming mouse, gamers can easily keep track of key gaming actions – including their DPI and steps for recording macros – without being distracted from the game.
* Cable management system. The unique cable management system offers the feel of a wireless mouse with the connection speed of a wired mouse by holding the extra cable and preventing it from getting caught on other items on the desk. The cable management system doubles as a storage compartment for extra weights and feet.
* Quick-Launch. The new Quick-Launch button demonstrates the exceptional way in which Microsoft ties hardware and software together. When the Quick-Launch button is pressed from within Windows Vista, it will bring up the Windows Vista Games Explorer so gamers can instantly see the games available in their PC’s game library.

“Great games on Windows® deserve great controllers, and the new Sidewinder Mouse delivers,” said Kevin Unangst, director of Games for Windows at Microsoft. “The SideWinder Mouse is an ideal companion for every game, from your favorite PC classics to the upcoming releases ‘Crysis,’ ‘Hellgate: London,’ ‘World in Conflict’ and more.”

Designed for Performance Handling

The SideWinder Mouse also features a unique design with key ergonomic elements designed to allow gamers hours of comfortable play. Features include the following:

* Two vertical side buttons. This side placement allows gamers to feel exactly which button they’re pressing, thereby reducing the risk of executing the wrong command midgame.
* A wide, detented metal scroll wheel. The wheel design helps gamers feel each movement as they scroll, and the wide metal finish adds elegance and control to the mouse.
* Balanced weight. Designed for quick, balanced, comfortable precision gaming action and painted black with a crimson-red stripe, the SideWinder Mouse has gamers in mind from top to bottom.

Pricing and Availability

Microsoft SideWinder Mouse will be widely available in October 2007 for an estimated retail price of $79.95 (U.S.).* The SideWinder Mouse is now available for special pre-sale on and will ship in October when the product is widely released. More information about the Microsoft SideWinder Mouse can be found on and

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