“No Single Issue” With Xbox 360

“No Single Issue” With Xbox 360

ringoffire.jpeg Remember that Nikkei article? The one we posted yesterday in which an thermo design expert took a look at the Xbox 360? The findings pointed out that the cooling fan was half that of a desktop PC’s (to reduce noise apparently), the heat sink of the graphics LSI is very small (so the DVD can be placed above it) and the console got hot. Damn hot. Microsoft responded to these claims with a spokesperson saying:

As Microsoft didn’t participate in the test, we cannot comment on any findings… There is no single root cause or systemic issue with any of the Xbox 360 consoles.

Wait. So there’s a bunch of things that are causing them to crap out? OH SWELL. Hey, that sounds kinda like what former Microsoft exec Peter Moore said to us back in July. Here’s the exact quote:

It’s not just one systemic problem we are seeing that was causing these three red rings of light… We are always making changes (to the Xbox 360), as we see things we identify the issue, then we make changes to improve the console. And we will continue to make changes with the goal of making (the Xbox 360) a more reliable product.

Is this a Microsoft mantra or something? Sure as shit sounds like it!
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