Microsoft's Gamefest Japan Hits Akasaka Prince

Akasaka_Prince_Hotel_Shinkan_01.JPG On September 6th and 7th in Tokyo's Akasaka, Microsoft will be holding its "Gamefest Japan 2007" at the Akasaka Prince Hotel. The event is a "Technological Briefing," geared for developers and creators. Things like XNA Game Studio Express, Xbox 360/PC cross-platform, LIVE tools and Games for Windows will be touched upon. Doesn't sound like a press event, but rather an industry one (It's developery!) The first day will have a keynote in which Microsoft lays out its vision for platform development. Good for them.

Side note: Above is the Akasaka Prince Hotel. Pretty nice place! Oddly, McWhertor really, really hates it. Irrationally so! Gamefest Japan 2007 [Microsoft]


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