Miyamoto Hints At Early Japanese Release For Mario Galaxy

giantmarioface.jpgWe know Mario Galaxy is due for release on November 12 in the US. But what about everywhere else? What about Japan, when will they see it? What about Europe, will they get it at all? From the latest Famitsu, here's what Miyamoto had to say regarding the game's Japanese release date:

Now, we're making games with hopes of making a simultaneous worldwide release. But, as it's Japanese people making the game, and we're making it in Japanese...right? [laughs]

OK. Little nutty! But two things stand out. First, Nintendo making a game due for simultaneous worldwide release? Lies. Second, sounds like Japan might get it a bit early. And as a bonus third, if we choose to believe their LIES, a "simultaneous worldwide release" should mean Europe and Australia don't get it too far behind. Maybe.


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