Molyneux Prefers DS/PSP To Mobile Phone Gaming

Molyneux Prefers DS/PSP To Mobile Phone Gaming

ourofficialmolypic.jpgPeter Molyneux, he’s a thinker. So, when he looks at mobile phone games, what does he think? He prefers the DS and the PSP. Smart man. Here’s why:

There’s no doubt in my mind that we will be playing more games on mobile devices. What those mobile devices will be, and what they’re capable of is still very much up for grabs.

They’re changing as fast as the early computer games industry changed, if not faster. My one wish for that is that mobile phones were made with some sympathy for games to be played on them, because they’re not, and that must be immensely frustrating for people developing for them.

It’s down to some very simple things – these clicky buttons are useless for playing games, and it’s down to some other stuff, display drivers and hardware chips obviously. But even if you had simple buttons that would help a lot…

It’s just very clunky at the moment, and every time I try and play a mobile game I end up wanting a PSP, or DS.

Maybe it’s a mental block, but it’s really hard for me to even fathom playing mobile phone games with the DS and the PSP. At this stage, what’s the point, really?
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