Most PS3, Xbox 360 Owners Unaware Of HD Features

ignorance.jpgA recent NPD report on Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 owner habits reveals that only a fraction of those polled are aware of the HD visual capabilities of the machines they own. Curiously, only 30% of Xbox 360 owners are clued in to the device's high definition graphics, compared to 50% of PS3 owners. Of the 50% knowledgeable of the PS3's graphics prowess, only 40% of them were aware the machine's Blu-ray playback capabilities. Only half of that particular group has watched a BRD on the device.Unfortunately, no numbers on the Xbox 360's HD-DVD add-on were given in the report. Accounts of the report also neglect to mention the ratio of Xbox 360 and PS3 owners who are aware that press various buttons powers the console on and off or how many owners have attempted to eat their game machines.

What have we learned? Never overestimate the public's ability to know what it is it's buying and that it knows what to do with a video game console once it's been unboxed. More details on NPD's "Next Gen Functionality & Usage" report below.

NPD: 30% of Xbox 360 Owners Aware of HD Graphics [1UP]


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