Hollywood Injects Painkiller

painkillerpic.jpg Game adaption frenzy! PC first-person-shooter Painkiller is latest to get the Hollywood make-over. The game is being brought to the silver screen by the team behind up coming Eddie Murphy film Starship Dave, written by Mystery Science Theatre 3000 scribe Bill Corbett and some other dude. Why a Painkiller flick? After movie producer Jon Berg (Elf) saw the title on a 60 Minutes segment last year about competitive gaming, he decided to pursue the film rights. Originally released in 2004, the PC game follows a character stuck between heaven and hell. It received an Xbox follow-up in 2006, and another sequel is slated for release, but the movie adaptation is probably a way's off. The Painkiller adaptation will be penned new comer Ben McGaw — who we hear is very much a gamer. Let's hope they can find a director who's one as well. A good director at that!
Painkiller Movie [Variety, Thanks John!]


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