Mr. Mum

To: Crecente
From: Bash
RE: Flirting With Girls

Cute story about Tristan! Kids are funny. I’m always amazed when my kid tells me some girls are cute and some girls are not. Like, how does he know? Bizarre.

Bizzy night. Luke was out at a Halo 3 event, so only I was holding down the fort. Feeling pretty rough. Really rough actually. Think I ate something that didn’t quite agree with me. Tomorrow, Mrs. Bashcraft is going with her friend to watch a TV show being filmed. I will be watching the kid. It’s way too hot in Japan to actually go outside tomorrow. So, we’ll probably play with Ultraman toys and watch some vids. Any recommendations?

What you missed last night: Hands on with Halo 3 single player
Mexican 8-bit 360
Mark Rein says stuff
Jaffe hates Utah

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