MTV Investing Half A Billion In Games Division

mtv_games_investment.jpgThe Hollywood Reporter writes today that MTV is planning to sink an impressive $US500 million into building and expanding its games division, with MTV Networks President of Global Digital Media Mika Salmi calling games "critical" to the company's business. Probably the most visible property in the MTV games portfolio is the Harmonix-developed Rock Band, but that's only a portion of where the network will be allocating cash.MTV's other game related ventures include sites like, GameTrailers, and Nicktropolis. The network is also looking to develop games based on shows running on MTV owned networks, target more casual players and invest in the mobile gaming space. As long as someone greenlights a game based on Cribs, in which I'm allowed to perfectly recreate P. Diddy's house, complete with infinity pool and 8-car garage, I would consider it money well spent.

Let's just hope MTV Multiplayer blogger Stephen Totilo gets a slice of this pie and treats his fellow writers to drinks/strippers next time we're in town. What? Not subtle enough?

MTV to invest more than $500 million in games [Hollywood Reporter]


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