Miyamoto Not Digging Haze’s Drugs

Miyamoto Not Digging Haze’s Drugs

Haze is one of the titles that really benefited from their E3 showing, getting a lot of positive buzz at the show. But Miyamoto wasn’t digging it, as pointed out in this month’s Edge magazine:

“Cliffy B dropped by to see Haze…He liked the drugs and the violence. Mr. Miyamoto dropped by to see Haze – and he didn’t.

If it makes the Haze crew feel any better, they should just remember that if Miyamoto were making drug-heavy FPSs, they’d all be out of work. Violent, drug-heavy sidescrollers where magical mushrooms can cause hallucinations of super powers—that’s Miyamoto’s territory.

Free Radical legend David Doak meets Mr. Mario [gamesradar]

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