My Face Friggin’ Hurts

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

Pain. Severe pain. Today I got something like five shots. Three of them were with the dentist’s painless electric needle. Two of them were not. Those friggin hurt. All yesterday, my wife has been saying the dentist told her that the next time is going to be painful. Know this about my wife: She likes to joke around and fuck with me. So, I worried all day, and right before I get in the dentist’s chair, Mrs. Bashcraft tells me she was joking and that the dentist never said it was going to hurt. She then giggled.

Then the dentist started drilling, and it hurt BAD. He said the cavity was too close to my nerve. So he gave me shots. It still hurt. More shots. Still ouchy. He then put some “desensitiser” on my tooth and said to come back in a week or so. Then it won’t hurt. After that, I have to go back again to have the filling put in. Fun!

Somehow I think this has something to do with all the people I banned. Instant karma baby! 🙂

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